El Ancón Beach

It is a Wonderful isolated volcanic sand beach. If you also like hiking, it will make you feel integrated in an impressive landscape where the green of banana trees and spurges and thistles predominate. It is separated from Los Patos beach only by a rock protrusion that enters the sea, denominated ‘Punta del Ancón’. This is a corner that invites you to feel at peace, in a serene calm and to discover nature in its broad splendour. Maximum precautions should be taken with regard to the sea, although it may seem calm, strong currents prevail in the area.


Composition: Black volcanic sand

Length: 200 meters.

Width: 20 meters.

Services: lifeguard (summer months)

Coordinates: 28º 25 ‘28.813 “N 16º 30’ 11.070” W

Occupancy rate: low – medium.

Isolated, strong waves.

Parking: No.

Bus: Yes (interurban) Line 376.