34 and 35.Santo Domingo Church / Spanish-American Craft Museum (MAIT)

This is an emblematic convent set consisting of a temple and an attached former convent. The first one, characterized by its ornamental sobriety, stands out for the spatial distribution around a basilical-shaped floor, to which numerous chapels open up. The outstanding and interesting roofs that this temple boasts have a variety of shapes and dimensions, which are a revealing testimony to the work of the Mudejar coffered ceiling tradition. Amongst the sculptural and pictorial works of this church, we will highlight the well-known oil on canvas of the Virgen de la Consolación (Virgin of Consolation) of Flemish origin in the late 16th century, painted by Jan Mandijin and Pieter Arresten from the workshop called ‘the master of the prodigal son’ (Antwerp).

The old Dominican monastery, restored at the beginning of the 1990s, with its monumental cloister, houses the headquarters of the Spanish-American Craft Museum, a great permanent exhibition, representative of all Spanish-American handicrafts, both current and disappeared , coming from important collections donated by sponsoring agencies, in addition to those acquired by the centre itself, as well as from private donations, boasting such attractive samples as the important collection ‘Folk Art in America and the Philippines’, ‘The Design of Canarian Crafts Regional Awards’,  folk musical instruments from Spain and America or Spanish folk pottery.