42. El Calvario (Calvary) Hermitage

This emblematic temple, located at the entrance of the town centre, was built in 1917 following the project of the Architect Mariano Estanga, who designed a neo gothic building imbued with the historicist tendency of the architecture of the time; it stands out due to its pointed arches and its vertical tendency. It presides, from a high position, the Paz (Peace) square, so called in honour to the conclusion of World War I. In this hermitage we can find the Holy Patrons of La Orotava, San Isidro Labrador (Saint Isidore labourer) and Santa Maria de La Cabeza (Saint Mary of The Head) and it is a meeting point of the traditional ‘Romería’ (Pilgrimage). In this location we can see the sculptural group of the nineteenth century created by the sculptor Fernando Estévez, from La Orotava, called La Piedad (The Piety), popularly known as the ‘Cristo del Calvario’ (Christ of Calvary).