7. Tourist Routes in Mount Teide National Park, conducted by the ‘Volcano Teide Experience’ company.


7.A) Sunset and stars in Mount Teide. Experience with ‘Sunset and Stars on Mount Teide’ the excitement of watching the sunset from the highest peak in Spain, savour a delicious cocktail dinner designed by the prestigious chef Erlantz Gorostiza, awarded with two Michelin stars, and observe the stars from one of the best places on the planet to do so.


7.B) Sunset Tour on Mount Teide. If you are looking for an exclusive experience on Mount Teide, in a group of up to 90 people, even from different nationalities, at that magical moment of sunset, when there is no one on the summit, with ‘Sunset Tour’ you will fall in love with Mount Teide at dusk and you will wish this experience to never end. Because the Park, with the warm light of those hours, acquires special colours, that allow you to contemplate landscape nuances unimaginable during the daytime hours.


7.C) Teide Tour with Cable Car. If you want to enjoy the Mount Teide National Park in grand style, discovering all the corners of one of the most visited National Parks in the world; ‘Teide Tour’ is for you. In this excursion to Mount Teide you will enjoy some more than spectacular volcanic landscapes for 8 hours. In addition, on ‘Teide Tour’ you will enjoy contemplating the volcanoes that caused the most recent eruptions in Tenerife and you will learn how they formed the Canary Islands. The ‘Teide Tour’ does not include lunch, although there is free time for lunch.


7.D) Teide Tour with Observatory. In this excursion to Mount Teide you will enjoy some more than spectacular volcanic landscapes for 8 hours. The most important solar observatory in the world is located in Mount Teide National Park and in this pleasant 90-minute guided tour you can visit it and also get to know a telescope from the inside, make a solar observation and understand what astrophysics are and discover the activities that the researchers at the Teide Observatory carry out.


7.E) Guided day tour to the Observatory. Surely you already know that the Canary Islands are one of the three best places on the planet for the observation of the sky together with Chile and Hawaii and, for that reason, we are lucky to count, in Tenerife, with the largest solar observatory in the world. The Teide Observatory, which began operating in 1964 and devotes its scientific activity to solar observation and robotic astronomy, has a large number of solar and night telescopes owned by different European countries. What you may not know is that the activities of the researchers who carry out their work at the Teide Observatory produce an average of one daily scientific publication.


7.F) Astronomical observation in Mount Teide. Make your dream come true and enjoy the Universe in a professional way and from one of the best places in the world to do so: Mount Teide. Accredited guides will reveal the secrets of the Universe for you, professional telescopes will allow you to closely see, with your own eyes, those celestial objects that have fascinated you for so many years, and you will enjoy the pure and clean sky of the Mount Teide National Park, from which it is possible to contemplate 83 of the 88 officially recognized constellations and from where, in summer, you can enjoy the clear vision of the Milky Way.


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