21. Victoria Gardens / Masonic Mausoleum / Quinta Roja Pantheon

Until the beginning of the twentieth century these gardens were part of the Quinta Roja Marquisate mansion, which later would be reconverted into the famous Hotel Victoria, and both are currently municipal property.  The ascending design of the successive terraces stand out, culminating with the Masonic Mausoleum promoted by the Marquis to house the mortal remains of her son Diego de Ponte del Castillo, to whom the Church denied burial because of his allegiance to the masonry. The Pantheon, which was finally emptied, was designed by the French architect, and also a Mason, Adolph Coquet, who proposed an eclectic design permeated by the characteristic symbolism of this international society, which was secret until a few decades ago. From the highest point of these Victoria Gardens you can enjoy a unique experience, with excellent views of Villa de La Orotava from sea level to the peak of volcano Teide 3,718 meters high. FREE ENTRANCE.