Corpus Christi Tapestries Museum


This museum is located at San Francisco Street, next to the popular Casa de los Balcones (House of the Balconies).

Tapestries are made in La Orotava to celebrate Corpus Christi. This festival was celebrated in Villa de La Orotava from its origins as a population, but it began to be renowned from the mid-nineteenth century, when members of the Monteverde family, under the inspiration of Leonor del Castillo, made a flower tapestry to celebrate the processioning of the ‘Andas del Corpus’ (a traditional Corpus Christi processional float) in front of their private house. Since then, the tapestries of La Orotava have become well known around the world. This is an ephemeral art that attracts thousands of visitors. In this museum you will see some elements, pictures and sketches related to the preparation and history of these tapestries made of flowers and Mount Teide sands.