San Agustín Cultural Centre


The San Agustín Cultural Centre occupies the old premises of an Augustinian monastery built in the seventeenth century. The most renowned craftsmen of the time worked in its construction, being classified by Jose de Viera y Clavijo, as the best building of La Orotava for its grandeur and beauty. Its cloisters, large and spacious, were used for philosophy and theology classes.

After the nineteenth century confiscations, the convent is transformed into an infantry barracks, occupied by different battalions over time. In 1970 the army ministry declared it as of no use.

At present these premises house the ‘Perdigón’ (Pellet) Municipal Drawing and Painting School, the ‘Villa de La Orotava’ Polyphonic Choral, the  ‘Támbara’ Folklore School, the Municipal Music School, Radio ECCA and the URE (Amateur Radio Union). Among the facilities of the property, there is an auditorium with capacity for 300 people and an exhibition hall.

Address: Number 2 San Agustín Street

Phone: 922 32.13.57 / 922.32.13.79