In the populous La Orotava neighbourhood of La Perdoma, the festivities in honour of Nuestra Señora del Rosario and San Jerónimo are held each year in the first week of October. These celebrations are characterized by the grape harvest, with acts such as the Bread and Chorizo day, a multitudinous celebration, which takes place along with the Craft Fair and the Harvest Festival as well as the election of the Queen. Children have the opportunity of pressing the grapes with their bare feet, and they enjoy it very much, since the vast majority of them are unaware of the process of artisanal winemaking. There are many visitors who enjoy this bread and chorizo, as well as other local products like kneaded gofio (roast and ground cereals, normally wheat and/or corn), bananas and fruits, lupine, etc.

La Perdoma is the wine district par excellence of the La Orotava Valley and in addition its inhabitants are closely linked to folklore, with four recognized and prestigious groups: ‘Higa’ Folkloric Group, ‘Magec’ Folkloric Group, ‘Marzagay’ Folkloric Group and finally ‘La Perdoma Tagoror’ Elderly Nursery Home Folkloric Group.

There also are festivals, cultural and sporting events, processions, the popular Mararia race, of great tradition in the athletic circuit with 32 editions, fireworks and verbenas.