Pinolere Ethnographic Museum

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The Pinolere Ethnographic Museum, promoted by the ‘Día de las Tradiciones Canarias’ (Canarian Traditions Day) Cultural Association within the Pinolere Cultural Project, is located in the Ethnographic Park of the same name, in La Orotava, occupying an area of ​​3,000 square metres. This space recreates different aspects of the architectural, agricultural, environmental and sociocultural landscape of the La Orotava Valley mid-elevations: threshing floors, ovens, tiled houses, corrals, ‘pajares’ (houses made of straw), medicinal plants orchards  ... structured in two well-defined thematic areas and with a common nexus: its own environment, the Pinolere Integral Natural Park.

The ‘Don Juan González Fariña’ Canarian Basketry Museum occupies a back area and constitutes the central nucleus. Its contents come from the neighbourhood, as it once was one of the historically most important chestnut wood basketry centres of the Canaries. In addition, the traditional uses of vegetable fibres by the ancient Canary islanders, commercialization, typologies, uses ...are also shown.

Two detached houses complete the second museum space, housing the ‘Don Francisco Luis Acosta’ Pinolere History Museum, where the visitor is invited to stroll through the historical events of this agricultural mid-elevations environment: its territory, the Economic resources, festivals and traditions, its neighbours’ occupations, traditional habitat, the ‘La Cueva de los Guanches’ (Cave of the aboriginal inhabitants) archaeological complex... the present and future of this neighbourhood community